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Africa Land-Use Training also provides a consultation service to land users and project managers. This service is led by Frits van Oudtshooorn, well-known pasture scientist and author of the book"Guide to Grasses of Southern Africa". This service includes information and advice on the following topics;


  •  Farm planning
  •  Veld improvement and restoration
  •  Veld condition assessment and monitoring
  •  Cultivated pasture establishment and maintenance
  •  Grazing capacity and grazing systems
  •  Stocking rates and stocking ratios
  •  Grass identification

Table: We have been involved in more that 130 projects. Below is a list of some of the projects that Africa Land-Use Services, with

Frits van Oudtshoorn as main consultant, has been involved in.



Project description

Anglo American

Balito Bay

Boulders game lodge

Dineo Fresh Produce Proprietary Limited

Enviro-Solution Systems

Farm Suikerboschfontein

Halali Game Ranch

Hermanusdoorns private game farm

Impact private school

Molopo Oog private nature reserve

Naledzi Environmental Consultants

Phaki Phakanani Environmental Consultants

Phaki Phakanani Environmnetal Consultants

Phaki Phakanani Environmnetal Consultants

Plaseng Consultants

University of Pretoria

Wild Limpopo

Assessing the impact of prospecting boreholes on grazing capacity,

Converting old sugar cane fields back to natural grazing, Balito Bay, KZN.

Veld assessment and habitat analysis for veld management and game stocking, Waterberg district, Limpopo.

Assessing veld condition and grazing capacity of 9 farms in Mapela region, Limpopo.

Agricultural potential assessment report, Sterkrivier, Mokopane, Limpopo.

Habitat study to introduce rare game species, Waterberg, Limpopo.

Veld assessment and habitat analysis for veld management and game stocking, Waterberg district, Limpopo.

Veld assessment and annual monitoring for improved management, Waterberg district, Limpopo.

Veld assessment for improved future management and to identify learner involvement projects, Naboomspruit, Limpopo.

Ecological study and proposed management plan, Lichtenburg, Northwest.

Vegetation assessment report for the Eskom Soweto Integration Transmission Line, Soweto, Gauteng.

Agricultural potential assessment report, Nylstroom Town and Townlands.

Vegetation specialist assessment and report for proposed development on the farm Biggar near Baberton, Mpumalanga.

Vegetation impact assessment for residential development, Elandsdoorns, Mpumalanga.

Veld assessment to determine grazing capacity and do veld management recommendations, Waterbok farm, Mopane district, Limpopo.

Veld assessment report and grazing management recommendations for farms belonging to the Mashishimali community near Phalaborwa, Limpopo

Veld assessment to do recommendations for veld restoration and game stocking, Steenbokpan, Limpopo





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